Gabriela Rubio


My name is Gabriela Rubio I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  

I have worked with children and their families since 2010. I specialize in working with children, Teens, and adults.

 My clinical style is empathic, integrative, transparent and intentional.

 Most of my clinical experience was earned working in intensive services for children, young adults, their parents and their environment (such as siblings, extended family, teachers, social workers, tutors, principals, etc.).

During my time working at intensive programs, I grew clinically in navigating ongoing crisis calls, sessions, treatment plans and any needed changes with client’s diagnosis with severe mental illness, deescalating high-risk situations with clients and creating safety plans as well as creating appropriate referrals, police reports, court/medical/social security letters, participating in IEP meetings, collaborating with teachers, medical doctors, psychiatrists, and other programs such as regional center.

Outside of providing clinical services for the child, this specific role allowed to intervene for crisis situations such as suicidal ideations, suicidal attempts, recent injury to self, injury from others, and benefitted the parents, family, and the child’s full ecosystem as they too would be part of the sessions.

I have also spent over six years volunteering with non-profit organizations for children with chronic medical conditions and their siblings, ages 9-18. This specific role as a camp counselor to oncology patients, has allowed me to see the impact children with cancer and their families unite as one a time of adversity. As a counselor at this organization, I have gained experience in creating positive, long-lasting impact on children with cancer and their families by helping be part of a fun-filled, medically supported camp. All camp activities are intentionally designed, and my trainings are deliberately executed to enhance the opportunities for children to experience intended outcomes, such as developing a positive identity, developing independence and self-reliance, developing social competencies, and have each camper feel a sense of support. Essentially, allow children to feel a sense of normalcy for a week of their summer.

I have also developed my Spanish speaking skills into a clinical skill set where I am able to effectively communicate, write and interpret materials to Spanish speaking clients.

My professional interests include dedicating my education and career to expand and improve resources available to communities that continue to struggle with the negative connotation of mental health services. Personally for me, one of the many reasons for my love of therapy is helping people identify their triggers and how they process/react to these emotions and how they want to change that. Going over reasons for why therapy was initiated, and seeing them at their final session is absolutely fascinating.