Welcome to Koba Psychological Services

A diverse group of clinicians who have your compassionate care and well-being as our top priority.

We offer accessible and personalized therapy, counselling and psychological testing to kids, teen, adults, couples, and seniors.

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About Us

Let us help you connect with one of therapists who meets your needs and is available to see you, online or in-person.

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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide easily accessible and available high quality psychological services and counselling to all, while ensuring every client feels valued, comfortable and cared for.

Our Vision

Offer the highest quality personalized psychological services and counseling, matching every client with the right therapist and learning our clients specific challenges, concerns, and needs.

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Our Values

We share 4 key values through:


Our quality evidence-based interventions for individuals from all walks of life.


Our client-centered approach – there is no one fits all.


Our service to our community, providing services to local families, kids, adults, seniors, and teens.


Valuing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Happy Clients

“Lovely. She was incredibly kind and compassionate meeting with me today to discuss the importance of legal frameworks with regard to building a family through egg donation. I was referred to her by DrA at RPMG. Thank you, Gayane. Thank you, Yulia.”

Sarah G.
El Sefundo, CA

“Dr. Koba is amazing! She helped me so much! Dr. Koba was warm, empathetic, and direct which I greatly appreciate. Working with her was a great experience! I would definitely recommend her!”

Fred S.
Los Angeles, CA

“I have reach out to Koba Psychological Services after searching for a therapist for some time and many calls not returned. Their client coordinator actually answered my call and provided very helpful information about services and my insurance benefits.

I was sent intake paperwork and scheduled with a therapist of my choice within a day. So helpful and timely! I referred lots of friends and family members to KPS since.”

Charlene D.
Los Angeles, CA